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6-Meal Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

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Does your dog feel hungry when the owner is out?
Spunkyjunky Automatic Pet Feeder is your best choice.

Product Feature:
-Custom mealtimes:  Schedule mealtimes down to the minute to serve your pet up to 6 meals per day.
Arrange small meals throughout the day to keep pets healthy.
-Six grid matching:
The automatic feeder can put a variety of foods to meet the nutritional needs of pets in one day.
Wet food, nutritional cream, milk powder, staple food, snacks, etc. are added in appropriate amounts;
to meet the needs of puppies under 3 months of eating small meals and more meals.

-Voice meal change:
Set the feeding interval,
the feeder will automatically play the recording,
calling your pet to eat.
Product Details:
-Material: ABS
-Capacity: 6*128ml
-Color: pink, green, gray 
-diameter: 30.5cm (12in)
-Height:6.4cm (2.5in)
-The motor of the base can't get water, please pay attention to disassembly and cleaning.
-Please read the product information carefully before shopping.
-Due to the special nature of the product, we regret that products without quality problems will NOT be refunded or exchanged.