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Dog Cone

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Facing your favorite pet.
😩Do you have the same problem?😩
Biting and barking in the shower.
Being uncooperative and fidgeting while doing medical care
Licking and biting the wound causes it to worsen.
Eating unclean food while playing outside
Chewing up furniture when he's bored at home.
🧚‍♂️Then you'll need a cone.

👩‍🏫Environmentally friendly plastic material,
velvet wrap, soft texture,No scratching of your pet's neck.
👩‍🏫Translucent material for wide viewing angles, 
It doesn't interfere with your pet's vision.
👩‍🏫Velcro self-adhesive design,
adjustable in size
👩‍🏫Many sizes, many choices