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Flea Tick Killer Brush for Pet

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Stop fleas from biting your pet.

Flea bites are painful for your pet and can cause scratching and biting. Even worse, your pet can develop a flea allergy dermatitis, causing discomfort. Other flea treatments, like flea baths and topical applications, may work, but are you really sure? Flea Doctor is the electronic flea comb for your cat or dog that stuns and kills fleas and removes them from your pet. 

Easy to use.

Just brush Flea Doctor through your pet's fur and it releases a slight electric charge that kills fleas without discomfort or harm to your pet. You can even use Flea Doctor on your carpet and furniture! If you need a flea comb for cats or a flea comb for dogs, then you need Flea Doctor!

Stop the scratching and biting with Flea Doctor.

  • SAFELY REMOVES FLEAS: remove fleas from your cat or dog without chemicals, pesticides, or toxins.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: results can be seen right before your eyes; discard dead or stunned fleas right into the garbage can.


material: plastic

  • COMFORT CHARGE TECH: reaches deep in your pet's coat, finds the fleas, kills & stuns them, and removes them from your pet.
  • EASY TO USE: just comb it through your pet's fur - Flea Doctor releases a slight electric charge that stuns & kills fleas.
  • INCLUDED: one (1) Flea Doctor electric flea comb. 2"AA"batteries (NOT included) the comb is long-lived, reusable and economical

Includes: One (1) Flea Doctor Electric Flea Comb.