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Mid-Century Ceramics Dog Bowl with Stand

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"Bigger Than Bigger"
Our Mid-Century Ceramics Dog Bowl comes to more sizes for your Adored One.

🐶Elevate your pup's mealtime with the Mid-Century Feeding Bowl!🐾
•Scientific Modern Designed:
suitable height makes your pup easier to ingest food and water,
to develop a healthy eating posture,
and protect your adored one's cervical spine.

•Material Safety: 
Loaded by food grade lead-free handmade china ceramic bowls for safer use.
 The detachable smooth bowls are easier to clean. 
•Unique Bamboo Stand:
Effectively prevent food from spilling and keep the floor clean and tidy.
Style: A Modern Take on Mid-Century Aesthetics
Size(Single Bowl): 
S: 400ml(1.35oz 1.7cups)   M:850ml(28.7oz 3.6cups)
Material: Ceramic, Bamboo
Tips: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe