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Sniff & Sound Training Toy Mat for Dog

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Sniff bb barking dog toy
1. The main fabric of the play mat is fleece, with a light texture;
2. Oxford lining, play mats are available on both sides, and Tibetan food is more abundant;
3. The orange grid is the sniffing mouth, and the play mat has a total of 20 Tibetan food mouths;
4. The blue grid contains 6 sound generators, which can exercise the puppies to make sounds and increase the fun of playing;
5. Delicate edging, more durable mat;
6. One can train foraging to find favorite snacks. There is a BB called a sounder playing mat, the ultimate treatment for dogs' loneliness and boredom.

Material: fleece + Oxford cloth
Size: 25.5 * 25.5CM
Weight: 90g
Packing size: 13 * 27 * 4CM