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Wicked Bone

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We're into connecting pets and people through thoughtful design and creativity.
How to control the WikcedBone?

The Ultimate Fun and Stimulating Exercise

All work and no play?
That leaves your dog bored, frustrated and anxious.
Wickedbone is the way to offer your dog the fun,
stimulating and exciting exercise that he needs!
This bone-shaped gaming device allows you to operate from the mobile and play together with your pet both indoors and outdoors.


A Brand New Smart Toy to Train Your Dog
We believe that our dogs need something other than the plate and ball that’s more tech-forward and more fun to play.
With Wickedbone, you could train your dog to catch moving objects and more importantly,
deepen the bonds through the interaction.
Emotional System
We created an emotional system that the Wickedbone would react to different actions of your dog in the interactive mode.

Drive Mode
Control it through the Wickedbone App and move it with a virtual joystick.
Choose between Wickedbone’s 9 available motions and you will soon discover and create new action combos as you and your dog play.

Interactive Mode
Programmed to attract your dog’s attention and does not require manual operation,
Wickedbone acts responsively to different types of touch,
always in a playful manner to play with your dog.