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Calming Collar for Cat, Reduce Cat Anxiety with Effect Pheromone

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Innovative design calming collar, different from traditional calming diffuser or spray. Simple use method for wearing it and easily calming cat down.
Contain pure natural vegetable oil, releasing lavender and little daisies fragrance. The effective pheromone in the collar can achieve a good calming effect through the volatilization of odor.
Reduce the anxiety of pets, like aggressive, panting, meowing, nervous or scared. But if it's exciting basic on their own character, maybe the calming collar doesn't work great.
We highly recommend using this calming collar in special situations. Such as giving a bath, seeing a doctor, meeting new friends, moving house, etc. The abnormal environment always makes pets nervous.
You need to pay attention to master the correct usage. In most cases, improper use may cause cat discomfort and allergies. Do not tie too tight or wear it for too long.


Lasting 30-Day, Fits Up to 15"Neck
Product Material: Silicone, Lavender Plant Essential Oil
Product Weight: 0.8 Ounces
Package Include: 1 x Calming Collar, 1 x Storage Box