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FurFacts101: Special Program for Four Paws Heroes

FurFacts101: Special Program for Four Paws Heroes


On this solemn Memorial Day, as we gather to honor the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our nation, let us not forget the unsung heroes who stand on four paws: working dogs. 


Because they are loyal and good at what they do, these amazing dogs work with our heroes in the army, police, and ambulance. They don't think about themselves when they protect, comfort, and save lives. Sometimes, people don't notice how hard they work. 


Working dogs are very special because they are smart, can be trained, and have amazing senses. From the military to law enforcement to search and rescue to therapy work, these dogs have made important gifts to society. Because they work hard and never give up, they become real stars. 


Today, we're going on a trip to learn more about these brave working dogs and their amazing world. We will learn about how brave they were, what they gave up, and how loyal they were.


Who Are HEROIC Working Dogs?

What kinds of dogs do you know that work? Guide dogs? Healing dogs? Police dog? Dogs who take care of sheep? Just like people, dogs have many different jobs. And do you know which ones are also known as brave working dogs?


Let's meet some of the most interesting heroes and find out why they were chosen for their parts.



a military dog sits beside a soldier

Military Dogs:

Do you know that dogs can be superheroes too? They help our soldiers in the army with their special skills and loyalty. Some dogs are chosen because they have amazing qualities that make them perfect for military work. The most common breeds used are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. These dogs are really smart, strong, fast, and can keep going for a long time.


For military work, dogs need to have certain personality traits. They have to be good at learning and adapting to different situations. They also need to be brave, confident, and protective. This helps them stay focused and make quick decisions, even when things are tough.


So, what kind of tasks do these heroic dogs do? Well, they have different important jobs:

1. Explosives Detection: They use their super sniffing power to find explosives and let their handlers know. Even if there's just a tiny bit of explosives, they can find it. This keeps our soldiers safe from danger.

2. Patrol and Security: These dogs help protect the army bases and make sure nobody sneaks in. They go on patrols and show their strong presence. If someone tries to get in where they shouldn't, the dogs can catch them.

3. Tracking and Apprehension: These dogs are really good at finding people. They can follow someone's scent even in tricky places. If there's a bad person or an enemy, these dogs can find them and stop them from doing harm.

4. Search and Rescue: Some military working dogs are also trained to help find and rescue people. They might help during combat or when there's a disaster. They can find and save injured or missing soldiers.

So, you see, these dogs are true heroes. They help our soldiers and protect them. They use their special skills to keep us all safe. We should always be grateful to these amazing military working dogs!



three police dogs sits on the ground

Dogs in Law Enforcement and K-9 Units:

Besides the military dogs, there is another kind of working dog who can help the police too. They are really special and help keep us safe. Just like the dogs in the army, dogs in the police force are superheroes too. They have amazing skills and are always dedicated to their work.


The police choose specific kinds of dogs because they have special qualities. The most common breeds used are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, just like the army dogs. These dogs are really smart, strong, and fast. They can do hard jobs and work longer without getting tired.


Dogs in the police force need to have certain personality traits. They have to be good at learning and adapting to different situations. They also need to be brave, confident, and protective. This helps them stay focused and make quick decisions, especially when things are dangerous.


What do these incredible dogs do in the police force?

1. Apprehension and Suspect Tracking: These dogs help the police find bad people. They can track their scent and chase them down. This helps the police catch the bad guys and keep everyone safe.

2. Narcotics and Explosives Detection: These dogs have super sniffing powers. They can find illegal drugs or dangerous explosives. Even if there's just a tiny bit, they can smell it. This helps the police find hidden things that can hurt people.

These police dogs are true heroes. They work with the police officers to make sure our communities are safe. They use their special skills to protect us all. We should always be grateful to these amazing police dogs!


a search and rescue dog wearing an orange "search" vet lying on the grass

Search and Rescue Dogs:

Have you ever seen some dogs wearing red or orange vets in the news about earthquakes or collapsed buildings? 

These dogs are like superheroes because they help save people's lives in big emergencies or when people are lost in the wild. Remember, they are search and rescue dogs.


Compared to military and police dogs, a variety of breeds can be search and rescue dogs. Some popular ones are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Border Collies. These dogs are really smart, fast, and good at following scents. They can sniff out people who are lost or trapped.


Search and rescue dogs need to have certain qualities. They have to be good listeners and follow commands from their handlers. They also need to be able to work on their own and not get scared in tough situations. These dogs stay focused and calm, even when things are difficult.


These fantastic dogs have essential jobs:

1. Tracking and Trailing: These dogs use their noses to follow the scent of missing people. They can go through forests, mountains, and even water to find them. They help search teams find people who are lost, hurt, or stuck somewhere.

2. Area Search: Search and rescue dogs are like detectives. They search big areas for any signs of people. They can smell if someone is hiding, even if they can't see them. This is really helpful in emergencies when time is running out.

3. Cadaver Detection: Some search and rescue dogs have a special job. They can find human remains, like bones. This helps in sad situations when someone has passed away. These dogs help families find closure and make sure everything is handled respectfully.

Search and rescue dogs are true heroes. They use their special skills to find and save people. When there's a big emergency, or someone is lost, these dogs come to the rescue. We should always be thankful for these incredible dogs!



In addition to the three heroic working dogs mentioned above, we will also talk about two other heroes: therapy dogs and guide dogs. Even though these two types don't have to do jobs that sound cool or dangerous, they are heroes to the people they work for.



a therapy dog visits an elderly woman lying in a hospital bed

Therapy Dogs:

Therapy dogs have superpowers for bringing comfort, happiness, and healing to people who need it. They help in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and places with big problems or sad situations.


Therapy dogs can be different breeds, but what's important is their kind and gentle nature. Some popular breeds for therapy work are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. These dogs are human-friendly and can make people feel better just by being around them.


Therapy dogs have unique jobs:

1. Comfort and Companionship: These dogs give love, comfort, and friendship to people who are sick or feeling sad. They visit places like hospitals and nursing homes to make people feel better. Being with a therapy dog can help people relax, feel less worried, and smile.

2. Assisting in Therapy Sessions: Therapy dogs work with doctors and therapists to help people during their therapy sessions. They can help with things like talking, moving, or feeling better. These dogs are like helpers and make therapy more fun and effective.

3. Disaster Response: When a big disaster or something terrible happens, therapy dogs can go there too. They help people who are scared, hurt, or sad because of what happened. Therapy dogs bring comfort and support to improve things during tough times.

Therapy dogs are superheroes of happiness and love. They use their special powers to make people feel good. When someone is feeling down or needs a friend, therapy dogs are there to save the day. We should always appreciate and be grateful for these amazing dogs!



a Labrador guide dog accompanies its owner on a walk in the park

Guide Dogs:

The last heroic working dog we want to talk about today is the guide dog. These dogs have amazing powers to help people who can't see well or are completely blind. 


Guide dogs are like superheroes because they become their handlers' eyes and guides, making it easier for them to get around on their own and do things on their own.


There are many kinds of guide dogs, but they are all very smart and calm. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Standard Poodles are all breeds that are often used as guide dogs. These dogs are great for helping people because they have special skills.


Guide dogs' special jobs are as below:

1. Navigating and Avoiding Obstacles: Guide dogs help their handlers walk safely by guiding them around things like busy streets, crowded places, and bumpy paths. They know how to avoid things that could make their handlers trip or fall. They are like a walking GPS!

2. Crossing Streets: Guide dogs are very smart when it comes to traffic. They help their handlers cross the street safely by listening to sounds and watching for cars. They make sure their handlers don't get hurt and know when it's safe to cross.

3. Getting Things: Guide dogs can even help their handlers by picking up things they drop, like keys or wallets. They bring these things back to their owners so they don't have to worry about losing them. It's like having a helpful friend right by their side.

Guide dogs are superheroes of independence and freedom. They make life easier for people who can't see well or can't see at all. With a guide dog by their side, people can confidently go anywhere and do anything. These dogs are truly superb and deserve our admiration and respect!


Sergeant Stubby on the grass
Image source

A Story of One Heroic Dog

As I've talked so much about heroic working dogs above, now I'm telling you a real hero dog story.


This story occurred during World War I. Our hero's name is Sergeant Stubby.


Sergeant Stubby was found as a stray dog at Yale University in 1917. The soldiers from the 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th (Yankee) Division, saw him and decided to adopt him. Stubby became their loyal friend and went with them to a faraway place called France.


In France, Stubby showed how brave and clever he was. Even though he had no special training, he could do incredible things. He could smell dangerous gas that the enemy used and warn his soldier friends to protect themselves. Stubby could also find soldiers who were hurt and needed help. He was like a furry hero on the battlefield.


Stubby joined his soldier friends in 17 battles and got hurt by pieces of metal called shrapnel. But that didn't stop him. His courage and loyalty were so amazing that the soldiers made him a sergeant, a special rank. He was the very first dog to get such an important rank in the United States military. Stubby's super senses and ability to keep his friends safe saved many lives.


When the war ended, Stubby came back home to the United States. Everyone was so proud of him. He met three presidents, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, and Calvin Coolidge. They all wanted to meet the incredible dog who became a hero. Stubby even got special medals for his bravery and service.


Stubby became a famous and loved dog. He showed everyone that even animals could be heroes too. He taught us about bravery, loyalty, and never giving up. Sergeant Stubby will always be remembered as a symbol of how strong and brave military dogs are.


My Words in the End

The bond between a heroic working dog and its human partner is one of unparalleled trust and reliance. When there are dangers or difficult situations, these dog-human teams work together and face them fearlessly. The dogs protect their human friends and the places where they live. 


These dog heroes teach us about teamwork and loyalty. They show us how important it is to work together and help each other. We should be grateful for their sacrifices and appreciate the amazing things they do.


On this special day called Memorial Day, we remember and honor these incredible dogs. We admire their courage and their selfless acts. Their stories inspire us and remind us of the strong bond between humans and animals.


Let's celebrate these extraordinary dogs and thank them for everything they do. They are true heroes who make a big difference in our lives and communities.


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