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What is SpunkyJunky

What is SpunkyJunky

SpunkyJunky is a pet bowl brand born out of love and necessity.

What We Supply?

What We Supply?

We mainly focus on developing and selling ceramic pet feeding bowls.

What Is Our Goal?

What Is Our Goal?

SpunkyJunky cares and wishes all pets are healthy and happy. We will not only focus on pet bowls and dishes but will develop more new pet products.

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Our Story

The founding of SpunkyJunky

My dog, Spunky, was always healthy until the Spring of 2020. Then, I took him to the hospital after discovering that he had drunk from an unclean water bowl, resulting in a bacterial infection. Fortunately, Spunky got better and was able to return home after effective treatment. Although Spunky is now still happy and healthy, I often feel guilty and wonder if I could have done more in the past to prevent this from happening. So I discussed with my friend Eric and decided to create SpunkyJunky.

How SpunkyJunky looks now

Until Summer 2023, SpunkyJunky has over 15 employees developing and designing pet bowls in various colors, capacities, and vessel shapes. And also we have a trustworthy Amazon store. We always keep our mind on creating the best pet bowls. SpunkyJunky is not just a brand that makes feeding bowls, it is also a brand that cares about animals and wants to keep them safe and healthy.

Our Memorial Moment

cute ceramic pet bowl of 13.5oz

In the early fall of 2020, our first flat-bottomed dog bowl was born!

14. September 2020
number of followers of SpunkyJunky on instagaram

We have more than 2000 followers!

- 26. November 2021
a pink 15° tilted pet bowl with stand

Our newest product, the Healthy Bowl series is available!

05. March 2022

Our Team

SpunkJunky's designer team

Designer Team

SpunkyJunky's marketing team

Marketing Team

inside of SpunkyJunky's factory

Our Factory

inside of SpunkyJunky's warehouse