10 Benefits of Tilted Dog Bowls: Why Your Pet Deserves One

10 Benefits of Tilted Dog Bowls

Have you ever felt weird seeing your dogs eat from a bowl on the floor? See, their necks are the same length as yours when you look down at your phone.


As a pet parent, you want to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. One way to do this is to set a plan for when they eat. The tilting dog bowl is a clever idea that has become more popular lately. Tilted dog plates, which are made so dogs can eat more ergonomically and comfortably, have many benefits that can improve your pet's health and happiness.



a green tilted dog bowl on the left of a black-white border collie

What is a Tilted Dog Bowl?

The surface of tilted dog bowls is raised or sloped, so your dog can eat at a more natural angle with their neck and back in a straight line. This design can make it easier on your dog's neck, back, and shoulders, which is especially helpful for dogs with arthritis, joint problems, or other physical limits. When your dog doesn't have to strain or bend its neck too much to get to its food, it can feel less pain and enjoy meals more.



Why Do Your Furry Friends Deserve It?

Now we know what a tilted dog bowl is and how it works. Let's find out why these bowls are so good. 


  • Slowing the eating rate: Tilted dog bowls make dogs eat more slowly because they have to work around the bowl's raised edges to get to their food. This can help your dog avoid overeating and keep a healthy weight.
  • Good for certain breeds that tend to get sick: For example, deep-chested breeds are more likely to get bloat, a disease that causes the stomach to twist and can kill the dog. And brachycephalic species have short snouts, which makes it hard for them to eat from flat bowls. 
  • Convenient for senior dogs, dental concerns, or surgery recovery: A tilted bowl can make meals easier and more comfortable for these dogs. Dogs with dental problems or lost teeth can also benefit from tilted bowls because they make it easier for them to eat without putting too much pressure on their mouths.
  • Reduces stress on the neck and back: Tilted dog bowls raise the food, so dogs don't have to crane their necks and bend over to eat. This makes their neck and back easier, especially if they have arthritis or other joint problems.
  • Reduces stomach problems: When dogs eat from a flat bowl, they tend to gulp down air, which can cause digestive problems like gas and bloating. To alleviate these issues, tilted dog bowls so that dogs eat more slowly and don't swallow as much air.
  • Improves posture and digestion: When dogs eat from a tilted bowl, their posture improves and their digestion improves. When dogs eat from a flat bowl, they tend to hunch over and eat quickly, which can cause them to swallow air and put pressure on their stomachs. When you eat from a tilted bowl, you tend to sit more naturally and eat more slowly, which can help your stomach.
  • Less mess and spills: Slanted dog bowls can help cut down on spills and messes when it's time to eat. The bowl's high edges help keep the food and water in the bowl so they don't spill onto the floor.
  • Encourages dogs to drink more water: Tilted dog bowls can help dogs drink more water, especially if they don't feel thirsty or don't like to drink. The raised ends of the bowl can make the water look more appealing and make it easier for the dog to get to it. This will make the dog drink more often.
  • Boosts food taste: Tilted dog bowls can make food taste better by making it easier for dogs to get to. When a dog's food is easy to get to, he or she is more likely to enjoy it and eat it with more gusto.
  • Improves mental stimulation: Dogs can get more stimulation from tilted bowls while eating. The raised edges of the bowl can make eating more of a task or a puzzle, which can help keep a dog's mind active and stimulated.


 A white-yellow dog stay with 2 sets of SpunkyJunky's 15° tilted dog bowl

The Subversive Tilting Ceramic Dog Bowl 

Dog bowls that are raised are not only useful, but they can also be stylish and look nice. This 15° tilted ceramic dog bowl is sure to catch your eye. Unlike the normal slanted dog bowl, which has a base and bowl that are one piece, we made this one so that it can be used for food and water. It has a unique piece that can be removed, so that it can be placed in different ways.



But What about Cats?

Even though tilted dog bowls are mostly for dogs, some cats may benefit from them. For example, cats with short noses or bad teeth may find eating from a tilted bowl easier. But it's important to remember that cats and dogs eat differently; not all cats may like or benefit from a tilted bowl. Before changing your cat's food schedule, watching how they eat and talking to your vet is always best.




As was said above, tilted dog bowls offer several benefits, especially for pets with health problems or other problems. 


And as a responsible pet owner, you must choose the right type of bowl for your dog based on their needs and preferences. Ensure the slanted dog bowl with right height and size for your dog and that it won't fall over when it is eating. Keeping the bowl clean and in good shape is also important for your pet's health and hygiene.


In conclusion, tilted dog bowls could greatly improve your dog's eating experience and general health. If you have any worries, you should talk to your doctor. Have a good meal!

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