How to Get a Cat to Drink Water? Change Cat Water Bowl!

How to Get a Cat to Drink Water? Change Cat Water Bowl!


Does your cat hate drinking water? This is not just your confusion. Cats are sensitive by nature so any discomfort will affect their behavior.

How to get a cat to drink water? Imagine your cat's whiskers twitching as he approaches a water bowl unlike any other he's seen. This is more than just a bowl. It's its ticket into a world full of refreshing drinks, fun games, and staying hydrated.

This article introduces you to four types of water bowls, from large ones for cats with sensitive coats to water bowls that make drinking water a fun game. These bowls will have them purring with joy. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of cat water bowls!


How to Get a Cat to Drink Water? Change Cat Water Bowl!

1.Wide Water Bowls


Wide Water Bowls


The large water bowl makes cats feel comfortable drinking water! These unique bowls are designed with a wider and shallower shape to target the unique sensitivity of cat whiskers.

You see, cats have very sensitive whiskers and are easily irritated when they drink from an ordinary bowl with a narrow mouth. It's like trying to squeeze into a tight spot while wearing a fancy hat - uncomfortable and not fun! But with the wide water bowl, beard problems are a thing of the past.

The broad form of these bowls gives your cat plenty of room to drink and keeps its whiskers from getting caught on the sides. Now that they don't have to worry about their whiskers, cats can finally drink calmly and relaxedly.

Now for the fun part: Your cat is more likely to drink and stay hydrated if it is comfortable and calm. Your pet friend will find the big water bowl an inviting haven, encouraging them to drink often throughout the day. That means a happier, healthier, and well-hydrated cat!

But that's not all - the wide water bowl is great for paws too! Some cats have a good habit of wetting their paws when drinking water, especially in hot summer. These bowls have more surface area for splashing fun when they dip their paws in the cool water. It's like a mini water park for your cat!

So, if you want to make hydration a breeze and put a smile on your bearded pal's face, consider getting a wide water bowl. It's the perfect solution to whisker discomfort and a great way to entice your cat to drink more water. With the generous water bowl, your cat will happily meet their hydration needs and enjoy every sip. 

2. Cold Water Bowls


Cold Water Bowls


Cold water bowls, also called low-temperature water bowls, are made of special materials like ceramics or stainless steel. It is made to give cats cool, delicious water, making them want to drink more and stay refreshed.

So why are cold water bowls so effective at enticing cats to drink more water?

Optimal temperature: Cats like to drink cool water, just like they would in their natural habitat. By giving them a cold water bowl, we meet their desire for cold water and make it more fun and interesting. When the water is at the right temperature, cats are more likely to drink it often to stay hydrated.

Promotes Hydration: Unlike dogs, cats have relatively low thirst urges, so they may not always drink enough water alone. However, cats were more likely to be enticed to drink when offered a refreshing bowl of cold water. This is especially important for cats that eat mostly dry food, as they need extra water to compensate for their lack of water.

Sensory Stimulation: Cats are animals with many senses, and the feeling of cold water stimulates their senses. The cool weather makes them curious, so they want to check out the water bowl and play with it. This physical excitement helps people feel good about drinking water, which makes them drink more water over time.

3. Fountain Water Bowls


Fountain Water Bowls


The cat fountain water bowl is an innovative device designed to flow fresh, filtered water constantly. They are an attractive water source that can encourage cats to drink more. 

First, fountain drinkers attract cats with flowing water. Cats naturally like moving water, where the water is generally cleaner because they learned this in the wild. The fountain drinker's water flow sounds like a bubbling brook, which attracts cats and encourages them to explore and drink. 

Secondly, the fountain drinking fountain has added a filtration system. It does a good job of getting dirt and smells out of the water, so your cat can always drink something clean and fresh. By removing unpleasant bits and smells, the taste and smell of water are improved, making it more appealing to a cat's taste buds. 

Cats are known to be picky about how much water they drink, but a fountain drinker can excite them about the water and get them to drink more often. Your cat will want to drink water and stay healthy because of how the water moves and sounds.

4. Interactive Cat Water Bowls


Interactive Cat Water Bowls


The Interactive Cat Water Bowl is a great idea that makes drinking water fun for our cats in a whole new way. These bowls have interactive features to attract and entice cats to drink from them. This makes drinking for cats an interesting and fun activity. Let's talk about the different kinds of interactive water bowls for cats and why they can help cats drink more: 

1. Puzzle Bowl: Puzzle bowls add a touch of mystery and challenge to drinking water. These bowls have secret spaces, barriers, or complex mazes that make it hard for cats to drink water. When they drink more slowly, it wakes up their brains and natural hunting habits, making every sip an exciting adventure. 

2. Multi-Level Bowl: a water bowl with tiers or elevated platforms. Cats can get to the water from different heights, which makes drinking water an adventure. These bowls give cats a place to drink that's higher up so they can feel safe and keep an eye on what's going on around them. It's the perfect way to stay hydrated and keep an eye on what's going on. 

3. Sensory Bowl: The sensory bowl is designed to delight your cat's senses. They add a bit of fun to drinking water by having rough surfaces, floats, or other moving parts. These bowls make drinking water a fun, collaborative sensory experience for cats. They give cats physical stimulation and make drinking time a party. 

Interactive water bowls for cats are great because they make it fun for cats to drink more water. Giving cats water bowls with fun designs keeps them interested in drinking and gives them something to do while they do it. 



In conclusion, many new and interesting water bowls for cats can make drinking water more fun. Cat water bowls come in many different styles. There are wide water bowls for cats with sensitive whiskers, cold water bowls for a cool drink, and water bowls that look like a stream. 

If you want to learn more about how to care for cats and find out more interesting things, check out the other posts on our blog. Happy reading!


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