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Cleaning Dog Bowls in the Dishwasher

Keep Dog Bowls Clean: It's Necessary to Clean Dog Bowls in the Dishwasher

May 06, 2023



As a loving pet owner, I know you always want the best for your pet. But have you thought about whether you'd be a good owner? 


Do you know the bowls you give your dog to eat and drink can be harmful? 

Studies have shown that pet bowls have more than 2,000 CFUs of germs per square inch, making them one of the germiest things at home.


Dirty dog bowls can make your dog sick in many ways, like throwing it up, having diarrhea, or even getting a dangerous infection. When you think about your pet getting sick, it can make you sad and upset. In order to avoid these health risks, it is important to keep the bowl clean and free of germs. One of the best ways is to put your faith in your machine.


This blog post will talk about the importance of cleaning your dog's bowl in the dishwasher. We'll tell you the essential things you need to know, like how to use the dishwasher and what kinds of dog bowls are safe to put in it. So, please continue to read.


Is it Important to Keep Dog Bowls Clean?

Dogs can get sick in several ways if their bowls are dirty. Bacteria and germs can easily grow on leftover food and spit, which makes pets sick. Salmonella and E. coli, for example, can lead to stomach problems like diarrhea and throwing up. In the worst cases, these germs could cause the kidneys to stop working.


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends that pet owners clean and disinfect their pets' food and water bowls on a regular basis to keep their pets healthy and stop illnesses from spreading.


How the Dishwasher Sanitizes Dog Bowls

The high heat and soap in the machine kill germs and clean the bowl. Cleaning with a dishwasher is better than washing by hand because hand washing can leave behind residue and germs. The heat and pressure of the water get into every part of the bowl, ensuring it is clean and sanitary.


What Kind of Dog Bowls Could Be Put in the Dishwasher?

Generally, you can put bowls made of stainless steel, ceramic, or glass in the machine. These materials are durable and can withstand the dishwasher's high temperature and water pressure. 

Also, check the bowl to see if it has any special glazes or finishes that the dishwasher could damage.


Tips for Dishwasher Cleaning

There are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure the best results when cleaning your dog's bowl in the dishwasher. 

  1. 1. It's recommended to wash your dog's bowl in the dishwasher at least once a week
  2. 2. Before placing it in the dishwasher, rinse the bowl with warm water to remove any excess food particles. 
  3. 3. Use a suitable dishwasher detergent and choose a setting appropriate for the bowl's material. 
  4. 4. Make sure to load the dishwasher correctly, placing the bowl securely in an upright position.


Things to Avoid When Cleaning in the Dishwasher

Although dishwashers are effective, there are still several things that need to be avoided when contacting the machine:

  • Ordinary plastic and wood that will deform when exposed to high temperatures are definitely not allowed.
  • ● Many tableware with prints, and gold or silver edges, which the high-pressure and fast-moving water stream can remove, also cannot be washed in the machine.
  • ● Since dishwashing salt is used to soften the water, it is similar to the salt we use daily, sodium chloride. Thus, things that will react chemically with sodium chloride are also not allowed.


Additional Cleaning Measures

To ensure dog bowls get as clean as possible, it's important to regularly check for and remove any extra food or residue from the bowl. 

Wipe the bowl with a damp cloth or rinse it out after each meal to keep germs from building up. 

If you don't have a dishwasher, you can wash dishes by hand with warm, soapy water.



In conclusion, keeping dog bowls clean is important for their health and well-being.

Remember to choose dog bowls with the right materials, and follow the tips mentioned in this post for the best cleaning results. By taking these simple steps, you can provide your furry friend with a safe and clean environment to eat and drink.

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