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Safety Warning! Keep Babies Out of Dog Food Bowls

Safety Warning! Keep Babies Out of Dog Food Bowls


Do you think your home is safe? Ok, let me check... 

Power outlets... check 

Desk corner... check 

Kitchen... check 

Dog bowl... 

Dog bowl...? And yes, don't forget to check your dog's bowl! I know it sounds weird, but your dog bowl is dangerous. Dog food and water can be a safety hazard for young children, and babies can choke on food in the dog's bowl. Pets are sometimes aggressive with food and unfriendly to people messing with it. There are also bacteria and babies exposed to bacteria in dog bowls can cause various diseases. 

Don't worry. I'm here to help. From preventing drowning accidents to avoiding food attacks, I'll teach you all the tips for protecting your dog's bowl and keeping your kids and pup safe and happy. So let's start and ensure your house is perfect for kids! 

Why Do You Need to Baby Proof Your Dog Bowls?

It's true: You probably leave bowls of food and water on the floor within easy reach of your dog, and the baby is always crawling around and wondering about everything. 

If your dog can eat food easily, so can your baby! 

But this is not a good thing. 

Both dog food and water bowls are dangerous for babies. Let's understand.

1. Dog's Food bowls

bacteria in dog food bowl


Dogs always make a mess on the ground around the bowl when they eat, and those missed kibbles are scattered around, and your baby is likely to eat them out of curiosity. 

Dog food doesn't contain harmful ingredients, but the real danger is the size and shape of the particles. There is a choking hazard for babies who eat them. 

Not only that, but dry dog food can also bring salmonella. 

But even an empty dog bowl can be deadly for your baby. 

An NSF study found that pet food dishes are the fourth most bacterial product in the home. 

During eating, the bacteria in the dog's saliva are transferred to the bowl, creating the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow. 

If your baby touches the dog bowl and sucks his fingers, these germs could make your baby sick. 

These are all very dangerous for your baby. 

But the danger doesn't end there. The dog's water bowl is just as dangerous...

2. Dog's Water bowls

dog water bowl height


You might think the water in your dog's bowl isn't enough to threaten your baby, but here's the truth: Babies can drown in less than 2 inches of water. 

Find out how deep your dog's water bowl is? 3 inches! 

That's too much for a baby, right? It is common for the world to hear news of babies drowning in shallow water daily. It's strange how many parents don't know about it. 

On top of that, the water in your dog's bowl can contain many viruses that can make your baby sick. 

That's why it's important to babyproof your dog's water bowl.


4 Tips to Baby Proofing Your Dog’s Food and Water Bowls


4 Tips to Baby Proofing Your Dog’s Food and Water Bowls


Now that you know the dangers of dog bowls to babies, let me introduce you to 4 effective baby protection methods

1. Say no!

The most direct way: tell your baby to stay away from the dog bowl. 

When your baby is near the dog bowl, pick him up and move him to another safe place. A constant reminder that your puppy's dog bowl is not a toy. 

This approach may take patience; even then, your baby may not listen. 

If you are busy with work and cannot remind your baby all the time, or your child is naughty and against you, please do not despair. I have prepared more solutions for you...

2. Separate your baby from the dog bowl

Separating your baby from pets is an effective way to protect babies. 

Create a designated puppy feeding area in the room with a door or a dog crate. 

Just close the door, and your baby is completely separated from the doggy bowl. 

In addition to this, you can also purchase a pet gate, which allows your dog to come and go as he pleases. Your baby will be kept away from the dog bowl.

3. Invest in a baby-safe dog bowl

While no dog bowls are specifically designed to be child-safe, some dog bowls are better than others for keeping your child safer. 

Here are some features you can use to shop for the right dog bowl that will allow you to safely set your baby aside while he or she moves around. 

● Anti-slip: The bottom design of the bowl should have an anti-slip function to ensure that it will not be pushed or moved by pets or children. 

● With a lid: Make sure it is only opened when the dog is eating and closed for the rest of the time. 

● Stable: The bowl should be stable without tipping or tipping over, keeping pets and kids safe. 

● Leak-proof: The water bowl should have a leak-proof design to ensure it does not spill onto the floor. 

● No sharp edges: The edges of the dog bowl should be rounded and no sharp edges to avoid hurting pets or children.

4. Distract your baby 

Babies are naturally curious and like to discover new things and explore the world. But it also means that they will focus on exploring and ignore other things once they are interested in something. 

Don't panic if your baby is interested in the dog bowl. Take out their favorite toy, book, or something else that grabs their attention to distract them and divert their interest. You can play with your baby, which not only makes your baby forget the existence of the dog bowl but also enhances the interaction and communication between you and your baby. Remember, your baby's curiosity fuels their development, but they also need your guidance and attention.


These are some great tips for protecting babies from dog bowls. It is important to be aware of the dangers that dog food and water bowls can present and take the necessary steps to protect your child.

These tips can help prevent accidents and keep your child safe. Supervising and teaching your children to stay away from the dog bowl is also important.


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