5 Best Places to Put Cat Food and Water Bowls

5 Best Places to Put Cat Food and Water Bowls


You aren't the only one who isn't sure where to put your cat's food and water bowls. People who own cats often wonder the same thing. Even though it may seem like a good idea to put your cat's food and water bowls anywhere, it's best to think about where to put them because cats are picky and have clear likes and dislikes.


Finding the best place for your cat's bowls can make a big difference in how they eat. Here are the top five places to put your cat's food and water bowls to make sure they are happy and comfortable. It's important to remember that every cat is different, so try out these ideas until you find the one that works best for your cat.


a cat find its bowl at a calm and quiet location


  • Calm and Quiet Location 

Cats like to eat in quiet places, so put their bowl of food in a quiet part of your home. This will make them feel safe and make sure they can eat their food without being bothered.


Imagine this: Your cat is feasting, undisturbed by the mess of the kids playing or the family dog barking.


Think about where the quietest places are in your home. When you put your cat's bowl somewhere quiet, your cat can eat without being bothered. Additionally, the family dog, children playing, and other objects are less likely to knock the bowl over. Those "oops, I kicked the bowl" times won't be funny. It works out well for everyone.



a cat sits on a elevated feeding station
  • Elevated Feeding Station 

Some cats like eating high up, like having a five-star meal in their own home. You can buy a fancy elevated feeding station made just for cats or build a strong platform for their bowls to raise them.


Why raise the bowl? Well, raising cat bowls can help some cats as well as save room on the floor. Higher feeding tables can give your cat a place to hide from annoying dogs or curious kids. It is the only place they eat, like a secret club for high-class cats.


Setting up an elevated food station does take some work, but believe me, it's well worth it.


Remember that the most important thing is for your cat to feel comfortable while eating, whether in a fancy food station or just a bowl on the floor.


a cat stays next to a blue litter box which is away from the cat food bowl
  • Away From the Litter Box 

Cats have a keen sense of cleanliness and prefer to keep their dining area separate from their restroom. Imagine having your dinner table right next to the bathroom. That doesn't sound like the best place to eat, does it?


In the same way, cats like it when their food and water bowls aren't right next to their litter box, and this keeps them clean and also lets them follow their natural habits. By keeping these places separate, you can make sure your cat has a better time eating.


If your cat doesn't seem too interested in their food or doesn't want to drink water, take a closer look at where they live. Is their food and drink too close to where they go to the bathroom? If so, it's time to change things up.


Make sure there is enough space between the two places. If you can, put the food and water bowls in a different room from the litter box, or at least on the opposite side of the room. This separation not only eliminates any smells that might be there but also gives your cat a nice place to eat.


Remember that a little bit of thought goes a long way when it comes to making your cat's home a peaceful place to live. Respecting their preferences and keeping their eating area far away from the litter box will help them enjoy their meals and feel less stressed.



  • Well-Lit Area 

Cats are known for having excellent night vision but still like eating in a well-lit room. Having the right lighting can make their whole eating experience better and make them feel more at ease.


Think about putting your cat's food and water bowls in a bright spot. This can be near a window or in an area of your home that gets a lot of light. Natural light makes the room brighter and creates a nice atmosphere for your cat to eat in.


If there isn't much or any natural light in the chosen place, make sure there is enough artificial light. This can be done with lights on the roof, lamps, or even lights that are just for their feeding area. The goal is to make sure the room has enough light so that your cat can see its food clearly and move around easily.


For example, you can put their table near a floor lamp that gives off a soft light, or you can install a small, movable light fixture that shines directly on their bowls. So your cat can enjoy its food in a warm, well-lit spot.


By putting lights first, you meet your cat's visual needs and ensure their safety and health. Accidents and spills can be avoided if your cat can see what's happening during meals. This lets your cat eat without any problems.



a cat eats in a Quiet-Outdoor-Space
  • Quiet Outdoor Space 

If your cat likes to go outside and explore, consider setting up a special feeding area in a quiet outdoor spot like a porch, patio, or outdoor enclosure. This gives your cat a chance to enjoy a treat outside.


Make your cat's safety your top concern when deciding where to put it outside. Make sure the area is safe and away from things that could hurt them, like cars, dangerous animals, or other animals. If you have to, put up fencing or nets to make safe feeding places.


Plus, make this outdoor area feel like a calm place. Choose a place away from busy streets or noisy machines to keep people from getting distracted. Cats prefer to eat in a quiet setting where they can concentrate on their food without distractions.



The information above shows you the five best places to put your cat's food bowl! Remember that every cat is different, so look around and try different things until you find the best setting for your cat. Whether it's a quiet corner, an elegant dining experience, a space away from the trash cans, a well-lit area, or a peaceful place to eat outside, it's important to make the dining area cozy and welcoming.


By thinking about these things and customizing your cat's eating experience, you can make sure that mealtimes are fun for your cat. After all, a happy, content cat makes its owner happy too.


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