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What to Know Before Buying a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

What to Know Before Buying a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

Jun 28, 2023




Are you considering buying a slow feed dog bowl for your beloved dog? Before you buy, there are some basic things you should know.

In this article, we'll guide you through the key factors to consider before buying a slow feeder dog bowl. We've got you covered, from knowing how important it is to slow your dog's eating speed to picking the right material. So if you want to ensure your dog's health and enhance their eating experience, keep reading!

Why Does Your Dog Need a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?


Why Does Your Dog Need a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?


Does your dog wolf down eating like it's his last meal? If yes, you should buy him a slow feed dog bowl. Slow-feeder bowls can bring many benefits to dogs. The most important thing is to change the bad eating habits of dogs. 

If your dog eats fast for a long time, it will lead to the following consequences: 

● Choking: If a dog takes food before it has had enough time to chew it, larger pieces can get stuck in the throat and cause pain and choking.
● Bloating: Eating too fast may disrupt the digestive process, causing bloating, which can be life-threatening.
● Vomiting: This happens because the stomach becomes overwhelmed, and the body tries to expel excess or indigested food. 
● Obesity: Rapid eating can lead to overeating and excess calorie intake, leading to weight gain and obesity in dogs. 

But slow feed dog bowls have different bumps, hurdles, or puzzles that keep your dog's mind busy and slow down the bad things that happen when you eat too fast. This is especially helpful for dogs that wolf their food down.

Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is the Best Material of Dog Food Bowl

If you read here, you must have a dog that eats very fast. If you've decided to buy a slow feed dog bowl, wait! 

Before you buy, know that slow feeder bowl material is crucial. Not all slow feeder bowls are food-safe. Thus, some include chemicals that might damage your dog. 

So, what material of slow feeder bowl is the best? Ceramic slow feeder dog bowl!

Because ceramics are relatively safe materials, it's as solid as a rock yet elegant as a china teacup. It can handle even the roughest chewers and add a touch of sophistication to your pup's mealtime. Plus, ceramic slow feeder dog bowls are dishwasher safe, meaning you can play with your dog without spending hours cleaning dog bowls daily. 

So, consider ceramic slow feeder dog bowls the first choice when looking for a slow-feeding bowl.

Need Non-slip Mats for the Slow Feed Dog Bowl?

Now that you know the best materials to buy a slow feed dog bowl for your dog, it's time to consider your dog's experience and safety while eating.

Slow feed dog bowls slide around on the floor while your dog eats. This is because the surface of the bowl is smooth, and your dog is using the bowl with a lot of force.

The possibility of the bowl being pushed is exacerbated by the dog's efforts to lick the food in the bowl. It's worth buying non-slip mats for your slow-feeding bowls to combat this. These pads are specifically designed to provide a firm grip on various surfaces and prevent excessive movement of the bowl.

Placing a non-slip mat under the bowl can ensure a more enjoyable and quieter feeding experience for your dog. The mat will hold the bowl in place, allowing your pet to focus on the food instead of chasing its bowl around. It also helps prevent spills and messes, making your cleanup easier.

What Difficulty of Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Suits Your Dog?

Slow feeder dog bowls have difficulty levels, and choosing the right bowl for your dog is important. The difficulty level of a Slow Feeding Bowl is determined by its design features. The more obstacles and intricate patterns, the Slow Feeding Bowl will be harder to use. 

For dogs new to slow feeders or with short noses, it is best to start with bowls with spaced obstacles for easier access to food. As your dog gets better at using slow feeders, you can increase the difficulty by buying bowls with smaller or more complex obstacles. 

Before your dog uses a new slow feed dog bowl, observe its behavior and eating patterns to determine their best difficulty level. If the obstacle is too challenging, some dogs may become frustrated, affecting their appetite. If the obstacle is too simple, it will not have the effect of slow food. Finding the right mix will make your dog's eating time fun and happy while also encouraging slower eating habits and stopping swallowing or bloating.


In conclusion, slow feed dog bowls help drop your dog's quick food habit and benefit him. Consider ceramic slow-feeding bowls for safety. The non-slip mat makes feeding your dog easier. By finding the right balance, you can ensure your dog has a happier, healthier mealtime. 

To learn more about your dog's eating experience, browse our other informative blogs.


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