Why Can Elevated Dog Bowls Improve Your Large Dog's Health?

why elevated dog bowls improve your large dogs health

Are you still troubled by dog indigestion? Why is your big dog eating hyperactively like they're at a circus show?

This may be due to their incorrect feeding posture. Don't worry! Elevated dog bowls might be a great solution. They can benefit your dog's health by lifting the bowl to a certain height from the ground. So, are you ready to take your dog's dining experience to the next level?

Let's explore the potential benefits of elevated dog bowls for large dogs together!


Why Can Elevated Dog Bowls Improve Your Large Dog Health?

1. Improved posture

Imagine that you have to sit on the ground to eat every meal. That sounds uncomfortable, doesn't it? The same goes for our big dogs.

Dogs eating from bowls on the floor usually have to squat down and strain their necks to get food. But once they grow to a certain height, eating on the ground may put their bodies in the wrong posture, which can hurt their cervical health.

Lifting the food bowl off the ground may help big dogs eat with better balance, which lowers the probability of cervical diseases and better protect the dog's health.


2. Reduced risk of gastrointestinal issues

  • ● Large dogs are more likely to have stomach problems like indigestion because of their size and the way their digestive systems are set up. Using an elevated dog bowl can help keep big dogs from getting stomach problems by making them eat more slowly and carefully.
  • ● Big-size dogs eating from bowls on the floor are likelier to take in too much air, making them bloat. Large dogs can eat more easily and comfortably with elevated dog bowls because they don't have to swallow as much air.

Elevated dog bowls can minimize the risk of gastrointestinal problems in large dogs. Your dog will have a healthier and more comfortable life.


3. Decreased neck and joint pain

Elevated dog bowls make it easier for big dogs to eat and help them feel less pain in their necks and joints. When big dogs eat from bowls on the ground, they have to bend their necks and put more stress on their joints to get the food. This is bad for all dogs, especially for older or big dogs with joint problems.

Raised dog bowls make it easier for them to eat without putting too much strain on their necks and joints. This is especially important for bigger or older dogs with neck or joint problems or whose bodies start showing signs of wear and tear. Putting their bowl on a stand allows them to eat more easily and with less pain and discomfort.


How to Choose Elevated Dog Bowls

Now that you've read about how raised dog bowls for bigger dogs can be helpful. Can't wait to get your pet friend a raised dog bowl? But there are some important things you need to know before you make your order.


First, when picking out a raised dog bowl, you need to consider your dog's size, breed, and height to determine the correct eating height. When the dog is standing, the top of an elevated dog bowl should be at the same height as the dog's lower chest or arms. Some dogs may need a higher or lower height, so watch how your dog eats to figure out what height is best for them.


Also, it's important to remember that raised dog bowls might only work for some dogs. For example, dogs with certain health problems or less mobility may find it hard to reach food in a higher bowl, and some dogs may find it difficult to eat while sitting up. So, if you use a raised dog bowl, consider how your dog acts and how comfortable they are to ensure it is the right bowl for them.


In conclusion, if your dog is healthy and can adapt to the elevated dog bowl, this product will benefit your dog's health more.



In the end, you've learned that an elevated dog bowl has many benefits, such as helping your dog have better posture, reducing digestive problems, easing neck and joint pain, and more. But before you buy a raised dog bowl, you should know your dog well enough to choose the right height for them. If you're ready, go and find the style that fits your dog now. I hope your dog has a good time eating and stays healthy.

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