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Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out?

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out!


Why do dogs stick their tongues out?

It's a question that many dog owners have pondered while observing their furry friends. From moments of relaxation to the need to cool down, there are various reasons behind this amusing behavior. Understanding why dogs stick their tongues out can provide valuable insights into their well-being and emotions.

In this article, we will explore why do dogs stick their tongue out and shed light on some common misconceptions.

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Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out?

1. They feel relaxed


They feel relaxed


The good news is when you see a dog sticking its tongue out, it often means they are relaxing.

For example, if they had a good meal, played a lot, or just lay next to you and stuck out their tongue, this could be a sign that they feel happy and calm. They may even appear smiling, as dogs use their faces to express their feelings, just like humans. 


2. They're panting


They’re panting


Dogs stick their tongues out because they're panting, and you might notice your dog doing this when they get warm. When dogs get hot, they can't sweat like humans, so they pant instead. This panting is similar to how we sweat because it helps cool their bodies through evaporation.

Breathing quickly helps water evaporate from their tongue and upper respiratory tract, which cools them down. 


3. They are cooling down


They’re cooling down


Dogs will stick out their tongues, especially when the weather is hot. They do this to cool down because, unlike humans who sweat, dogs cannot sweat like us. Instead, they pant to help release saliva from their tongues, which cools them down.

So, to help them cool down, make sure they're in a cool place, let them rest, and give them plenty of clean water to drink.


4. Hanging tongue syndrome


Hanging Tongue Syndrome


Hanging tongue syndrome is when a dog's tongue hangs out of the mouth. Don't worry, this isn't a sign of any other trouble.


Due to genetic reasons, this condition is more common in smaller and brachycephalic breeds, such as pugs. Sometimes, their tongue is too big for their mouth, or their breeding may have caused jaw abnormalities that prevent them from supporting it. Dogs with an overbite or underbite may also develop this condition, especially as they age.


5. Oral cancer and lumps


Oral cancers and masses


Oral cancer and lumps can affect the placement of your dog’s tongue. Unfortunately, most of these tumors are malignant. However, small bumps called papillomatosis can also appear on the tongue, which are usually benign and caused by the papillomavirus.

In both cases, these growths take up a lot of space in the mouth, causing the dog to stick out its tongue.


6. They started a new medication


They started a new medication


New medications can sometimes cause side effects in dogs, one of which is tongue sticking out. This symptom is usually temporary and goes away on its own after a few days.

However, if your dog seems uncomfortable or symptoms persist, be sure to consult your veterinarian.


FAQ about Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out

1. Why do dogs stick their tongues out when they sleep?

When a dog sticks out its tongue while sleeping, it's usually a sign of deep relaxation and comfort. Just like humans, dogs experience muscle relaxation while sleeping, which causes their tongues to naturally stick out. In most cases, this is completely normal and harmless behavior.

2. Why does my dog smile with tongue out?

When a dog smiles with its tongue out, it's usually a sign of relaxation and happiness. Dogs can display a range of facial expressions, with relaxed mouths and extended tongues being interpreted as smiles. This is a common behavior when dogs feel content and relaxed.

3. What does it mean when my dog sticks his tongue out a little?

When dogs stick out their tongues slightly, it usually indicates that they are relaxed and content. This is a common behavior some dogs display during sleep or moments of comfort

4. Do all dogs stick their tongues out when petted?

Not all dogs stick out their tongues when petted. While some dogs may stick out their tongues as a sign of contentment and relaxation, this is not a behavior that all dogs display.

Every dog has a unique way of expressing emotions and may respond differently to being petted. Some dogs may wag their tails, lean in for petting, or otherwise show signs of enjoyment.


All in all, there are many reasons for dogs’ tongue sticking out behavior. Relaxed, breathless, calm, or even genetically predisposed, our furry friends have a way of expressing themselves.

So the next time you see your dog playfully sticking out its tongue, remember that this is their unique way of communicating emotions. Embrace and cherish these moments because they are a testament to our deep connections with our canine companions.


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