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Homemade Cat FoodSpunkyJunky weekly recipe: Lamb and Asparagus Cat Food

Vet Approved Homemade Cat Food Recipes: Lamb and Asparagus

  We're back with another week of recipes! This week, we have a special treat for our cats: Vet Approved Homemade Cat Food Recipes - Lamb and Asparagus, a tasty homemade meal with a mix that is har...

Homemade Dog Foodrecipe for cranberry pumpkin dog muffins from SpunkyJunky

Weekly Recipe: Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins for Dogs

  Here is the weekly meal again. We can make tasty treats for our dogs at home that are also good for them and meet their nutritional needs. Today, we're going to give you a simple, healthy, and ta...

Homemade Dog Foodweekly recipe of homemade dog food with beef and vegetable

Weekly Recipe: Beef and Vegetable Rice Dog Food

  It's time for the weekly recipe again. Last week, we introduced the method of making cat food with fish. I wonder if your dog likes it? Today, we bring you a new recipe: Beef and Vegetable Rice. ...

Homemade Cat FoodWeekly Recipe: Homemade Cat Food with Fish

Weekly Recipe: Homemade Cat Food with Fish

  Here again! Welcome back to SpunkyJunky's Weekly Recipes!    This week, we have something special for cat parents who want to feed their cats the best food possible. Our recipe for homemade cat f...

Homemade Dog FoodWeekly Recipe: Beef and Sweet Potato Dog Food

Weekly Recipe: Beef and Sweet Potato Dog Food

Hi, thanks for coming back to SpunkyJunky's Weekly Recipe! We hope you enjoyed last week's recipe, Chicken and Vegetable Dog Food, and are ready to make your pet another tasty and healthy meal. Thi...

Homemade Dog FoodSpunkyJunky Weekly Recipe - chicken and vegetables

Weekly Recipe: Chicken and Vegetable Dog Food

Hi there, fellow foodies and dog lovers all over the universe! Welcome to the very first recipe blog post of my new weekly series, "Weekly Recipe," – talk about an exciting moment - only on your ...