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Benefits of Using a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Control Dog's Eating Speed

If your dog eats too fast, the slow feeder dog bowl can effectively control its eating speed. No more worrying about gobbling.

No More Tummy Troubles

Slow feeders prevent dogs from getting bloated or unwell after eating.

Healthy Eating

Fast-eating dogs may not chew their food. Slow feeders help dogs chew and digest.

Weight Management

Fast-eating dogs might gain weight. Slow feeders keep dogs from overeating.

Fun and Stimulation

Slow feeders make dogs enjoy meals! They make eating entertaining with barriers or puzzles.

Why Choose Slow Feeders for Dogs?

Adjustable Bowl Stand

For busy pet owners on the go, this slow feeder set is a breeze to set up! With two adjustable bowl stand styles, you can easily change the height to suit your pet's needs.

Food Grade Ceramic

Lead & cadmium free clay with underglaze color process plus high temperature firing, SpunkyJunky uses every measure to ensure that the products are free from toxic risks.

hand making of safety ceramic

Free Your Hands

Our bowls are easy to clean and are dishwasher, microwave, and disinfection cabinet safe — no more chores to worry about.

a dark green SpunkyJunky® Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is falling into the water

Product Size

Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Set

  • Capacity
  • Weight
    total 5.07 lbs
  • Material
  • Target Species
    small and middle sized dogs
  • Color
    beige, light green, green, beige + green

All about Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

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Are slow feeder dog bowls good for dogs?

Yes, slow-feeder dog bowls can be beneficial for dogs.These bowls slow dogs' eating to prevent bloating, vomiting, and other digestive disorders.

Can you put wet dog food in a slow feeder bowl?

Yes, you can put wet dog food in a slow feeder bowl. Slow feeder bowls are not limited to dry kibble and can be used with various types of dog food, including wet or moist food. When using a slow feeder bowl with wet food, you can spread or place the food in the crevices or compartments of the bowl, allowing your dog to work to access the food and slow down their eating pace. Make sure to clean the slow feeder bowl thoroughly after each use to maintain hygiene.

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