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Benefits of Using a Tilted Dog Bowl for Flat-faced Dogs

3 Reasons to Use Tilted Dog Bowls for Your Flat-Faced Dog

Apr 22, 2023

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Are you a proud owner of a flat-faced dog like a pug, bulldog, or Boston terrier? Do you often find them choking or struggling to breathe while eating? Well, don't fear, because I have the solution for you!

I have a pug named Winston who loves to eat but keeps choking on his food. At first, I thought he was eating too fast, but then a veterinarian friend of mine told me that flat-faced dogs like pugs have short nasal passages, and a flat-bottomed bowl can make it hard for them to breathe. She suggested that I get my dog a sloping bowl, which will help reduce the chances of the dog choking on his food.

I immediately ordered a tilt dog bowl for Winston, and the results were amazing. He could finally enjoy his food and water without any discomfort or issues.

As I learned more about the benefits of using a sloped dog bowl, I realized just how important it is for flat-faced dogs like Winston. A tilt bowl not only helps with breathing and choking issues but also makes mealtime much more comfortable and enjoyable for our furry friends.

So if you have a flat-faced dog, keep reading. I explain in detail the benefits of tilted bowls for flat dogs and why it's the best decision you'll make for your furry friend.

 5 popular dog breeds with flat faces

What Is Flat-Faced Dog?

Flat-faced dogs, also known as brachycephalic dogs, have shortened noses and flat-looking faces. 

In recent years, the breed has become known for its cute, short faces. However, the dogs' signature squashed appearance also means they don't have enough room for the structures that help them breathe, which can lead to serious health problems, including difficulty breathing and respiratory problems. Their breathing problems are most evident when eating and drinking.

If you have a flat-faced dog, understand its anatomy and provide them with the proper tools and accessories to reduce the chances of them having trouble breathing.

Why Do Tilted Bowls Good for Flat-Faced Dogs?

You already know about flat-faced dogs and their physical flaws. Check immediately what type of bowl your dog is using. I suggest you switch to a tilted bowl if it's a flat bowl. Why? Let me explain it to you in detail.

1. When flat-faced dogs use traditional dog bowls, they have to put their entire face into the bowl, which causes the bowl walls to press tightly against their noses, causing problems such as breathlessness and choking. In contrast, tilting the bowl elevates food and water to a more comfortable angle, allowing dogs to eat and drink without hyperextending their necks or burying their faces in the bowl, reducing the risk of choking and respiratory problems.

2. If your flat-faced dog has a bad experience with the flat bowl, he will speed up to end the eating behavior. However, eating too quickly can cause them to inhale too much air, leading to problems like choking, bloating, and vomiting. A tilted bowl allows flat-faced dogs to eat slowly at a more comfortable angle, promoting better digestion and reducing problems like bloating.

3.  The traditional bowl allows dogs with long noses to easily pick up kibble where the sides and bottom of the dog bowl meet. However, a flat-faced dog's face is spoon-shaped, and the head is arched forward and upward when eating, which makes it difficult for the flat-faced dog to eat every piece of food at the bottom of the bowl. If your dog keeps leaving food on edge or takes a long time to finish his dinner, your bowl may be to blame. With its special angle, the tilting bowl helps puppies easily reach every corner of the food.


To sum up, a tilted bowl is essential for flat-faced dogs, as it helps them eat and drink in a more comfortable and safe position, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and other health problems.

How to Choose a Tilted Dog Bowl?

Can't wait to order a tilt bowl for your dog? But not every tilting bowl can bring ideal results. An excellent tilting bowl should include the following features:


1. Large Opening: Choose a tilted bowl with an opening larger than your dog's head so your pup doesn't have to squeeze his face against the side of the bowl. This allows the dog to eat more comfortably and reduces the risk of choking and respiratory problems.


2. The appropriate angle of inclination: observe the angle of the dog when eating and choose the angle that matches it. The angle of tilting the bowl should not be too large or too small. An angle that is too large may cause the dog to be unable to eat, while an angle that is too small may not solve the problem of eating difficulties of flat-faced dogs.


3. Sturdy bowl base or rack: Choose a solid bowl base or rack to prevent the bowl from moving or tipping over while eating, ensuring that food and water don’t spill out, and preventing the base or rack from scratching the floor.


4. Safe Material: Choosing a bowl of safe material can ensure your dog will not be harmed by harmful substances while eating. High-quality ceramic bowls avoid lead or other toxic materials, while unsafe bowls can pose long-term hazards to your dog's health.


Following these tips can help ensure your flat-faced dog has a safe and comfortable eating experience while reducing the risk of health problems.


In summary, tilted bowls can help flat-faced dogs eat and drink more comfortably. Choosing a suitable tilting bowl needs to consider the size of the bowl mouth, tilt angle, stable bowl bottom or bowl rack, and material safety. So whether you're a novice pet owner or a dog breeder with years of experience, choosing the suitable sloped bowl for your flat-faced dog should be a priority. Act now! Let's create a better future for our lovely pets together!

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