Stay At Home Mom And Her Creative Business

Tasia Nay's painting: a woman wearing jewelry

You’ve heard it a million times: stay at home moms are the new rock stars of our generation. Once you’ve got kids, it seems like the number of things you need to juggle only multiply. You may have even heard the not so nice remarks that come with being labeled as a SAHM or “stay at home mom”. But all that changed when you saw firsthand how staying home with your children can be more than just an extended vacation for your family. In this article, Tasia Nay  will share with you her story about how she became a SAHM and created her own creative business from scratch.


"Right now I’m a stay at home mom with my one year old daughter. When she’s old enough to go to school I will likely return to work outside of the home. My husband works at a drywall company and my art helps supply us with some extra income." Tasia told us.


SpunkyJunky: Could you please share about how you've developed your art career so far?

Tasia: I have loved creating art all my life! As a kid I was always drawing or painting something, I would even take my sketch book to the tops of trees and draw from up there. When I was a teenager I went to an arts focused high school so that I could hone in on my skills and learn new ways of creating. That was when I opened my first Etsy shop where I sold custom painted shoes. As the years have progressed my art style has changed, and so has the kind of art I like to create. I now do more pet portraits and custom paintings/drawings than shoes. And I love it! I feel like I really get to create images that make me happy.


SpunkyJunky: Where do you find inspiration?

Tasia: I find a lot of inspiration in nature, I love taking my easel and paints outside when I can! Where I live there are lots of beautiful red rock canyons and I really enjoy the peaceful feeling of making art while being surrounded by that natural beauty.


SpunkyJunky: Describe the best piece of art you've created. Any hard part/difficulty in creating?    

Tasia: I think the best piece I’ve created is actually an image of my dog Echo. I’ve had her since she was just a puppy, and was so excited to create a portrait of her! This piece was actually the first pet portrait I’ve created in full color. It took about two weeks, but I was very careful to make sure it really captures her essence! The hardest part of this painting was the fine details of her fur, but it was also the fun part!

Portraits of dog Echo


SpunkyJunky: How has your style changed over time?    

Tasia:  My art style has changed a lot over the years! When I was first starting out, it would take me many weeks or even months to complete a piece. Now I am able to complete them in just a few days or weeks with a much higher level of quality and detail. I prefer a certain level of detail that makes the piece look realistic, without it seeming like photo realism.


SpunkyJunky: What does Echo mean to you and your families?    

Tasia:  She’s our girl! We got her when I was 17, and we had to convince my then boyfriend’s parents to let us have her! We wrote a 100 reason list as to why we should be able to get the dog. They we’re convinced and we drove an hour to pick her up. We’ve always considered her our first baby girl! I have her painting hanging up in my house actually haha....

Tasia with her dog Echo in the kitchen


SpunkyJunky:  Do you know about interior design? Do you consider a pet bowl part of your house decoration?    

Tasia:  I’m not very experienced in professional interior design, but I do try to integrate everything for our dogs as part of our home decor! They have their own room with their beds, toys, and other doggy decor.

Jordan sits behind the bowls of Echo and him


SpunkyJunky: Do your other interests influence your art?    

Tasia:  I feel like a lot of my art is either animal or plant related. I’ve always loved drawing and painting birds more than anything else! When I was younger that’s what my sketchbooks were always full of. There’s something so wonderful and beautiful about a birds ability to fly and the structure of their bodies. It’s always fascinated me!


SpunkyJunky: Anything else you want to share with readers?     

Tasia: Thank you! I do just want to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me! It’s been nice to share my own story as an artist, and hopefully when other people see it they might be inspired to create something that brings them joy as well! 


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