Story of Buddy and Ace

Samanta with Buddy and Ace sitting on the grass

As a pet brand born out of love, SpunkyJunky has collaborated with a group of fantastic bloggers and influencers on our social media. They come from different countries and have varied backgrounds. They do, however, share a common sensibility in that they consider their pets their closest friends and give them unconditional love.


Today, we'd like to introduce you to Eisbaerenbrueder, a technician girl from Germany, and her two adorable fur friends--Buddy and Ace, two white Swiss Shepherd.  


SpunkyJunky:  Sam, how did your story with Buddy and Ace began?

Samanta: It began with Buddy, a little bit more than 3 years ago. My family always had dogs and other animals so it was clear that I’ll have dogs too someday. 3 years ago my sister asked if my boyfriend and I would like to live in their village because they need a new renter. We said yes because it was much cheaper and we were allowed to have pets - it’s very very hard to find a village in Germany where you’re allowed to! And then I asked my boyfriend about a dog. He said if we get a dog, then only a Swiss shepherd!“. One day(!) after I showed him a breeder and we visited him… and got Buddy with us🥲

Ace came into our life 6 months ago. I wanted a partner for Buddy. I wanted a third partner for me. I’m not a fan of holding a dog without another dog. They’re packed animals 😁 

I know that it will be hard because buddy HATES other male dogs. But from the first minute in he loved Ace.

Ace lying on the grass     Buddy and Ace


SpunkyJunky: So what Buddy and Ace mean to you and your families?

Samanta: Everything! For me they’re not just dogs, they’re my kids and my best friends in one. My family loves them too. Every time they come around they have something for buddy and Ace - something to play or eat like for a grandchild.


SpunkyJunky: What inspired you to create a IG account? Any hard part/difficulty in content creating?

Samanta: I just wanted a diary for remembering my time with the dogs but it got so much more. I met many great people and got friends that I never wanna miss again. It’s hard sometimes because where’s love there’s always hate and envy but it’s not that much that I’ll say I don’t want to be here anymore. I love creating the content, it makes fun. Just the algorithm sucks soooo much but that’s not in our hands.


SpunkyJunky: Do you have any tips on eating healthy for doggy?

Samanta: For ME the only way to feed your dog like he/she deserves is the raw feeding. But it’s not as easy as giving your dog some meat and that’s it. You have to think about so much and have to calculate! If you don’t have the time and space for raw feeding wet food is a good alternative. I really don’t like dry food and it’s not healthy too.


SpunkyJunky: Do you have a preferred local pet brand? What makes you a fan of them?

Samanta: Hm, no! I am a really big fan of small brands. I find them on Instagram. I don’t like the mass processing when it goes to stuff that my dogs have to where like a harness or anything. I love handmade stuff and I’m fair enough to pay more money for that kind of quality and uniqueness. For dogs in growth (it doesn’t make sense wasting money there because the stuff fits like 2 weeks and then you need something new) I like the standard brands from „Fressnapf“ and so on...


SpunkyJunky: Do you consider a dog bowl part of your house decoration?

Samanta: Of course! The bowls from SpunkyJunky are eyecatchers and that’s exactly what I wanted. Sure, I have dogs and because of that, not have the cleanest house but I want it to look good anyway and the bowls are a big part of that because they match perfectly with our still.


SpunkyJunky: Could you share your most interesting/funny story with Buddy and Ace? Or the thing that impressed you the most?

Samanta: Most funny! I’m so ashamed haha. One year ago I was in Cote d’Azur (south France) with the dogs. We were wandering and it was soooo hot so I used every place where the dogs could go in the sea for a cooldown. At the end of our wander, we walked across a street with cocktail bars at the beach. There was a sign that dogs were not allowed, so I passed by. But behind the bar was a stairway… without any sign but it was the same beach. But without any sign, so… I walked down there with the dogs. The French people were very angry but I did like I don’t understand (what I didn’t because I don’t speak French). The dogs went to the water and lay down and… then buddy stood up and PEED in the water. On the forbidden beach with 50+ people around.

I was in Paris with the dogs too. You know the streets in Paris? Heavy! You just cannot pass the streets because of many cars and motorcycles. So we waited at the mainstreet for the traffic light to turn green. You have to hurry up because it turns green just for some seconds. We waited, then we ran (it was a street with 6 tracks. On the second track buddy hold on and… did a 💩 😂😂😂 and j just knew that I can’t stay there to clean it up but I can’t walk away because what the hell. So I stood there and was overwhelmed as fuck

I cleaned it up for sure but it was the most stressful situation in my life. My boyfriend and two best friends just waited at the other side of the street and laughed at me.

But I got my kiss on the Eiffel Tower!

Samata got Buddy's kiss on the Eiffel Tower


SpunkyJunky: What are your favorite pet accessories/treats you can't/don't want to live without?

Samanta: Obviously, I can’t live without the bowls. But I also have my favorite harness and collar that I freaking love and I still have buddy’s first toy ever and can’t just throw it away. And I have a bracelet with Buddy on it that I really love. I just sent hair from Buddy, Ace, and my boyfriend to a company and will receive a handmade, unique necklace with the hair in it. I’ll love it for sure!


SpunkyJunky: Anything else you want to share with readers? 

Samanta: I just talk about my experiences, ups, and downs, problems, training, and health,… they’re many people with the same problems but they think they have the fault, it’s about them and they have to do it on their own. But it’s not like that. You’re never alone and you’ll never fail when you’ll ask for help. That’s the big message I want to share with other dog people. It can be very hard sometimes, it will be for sure! But you can rock it, you can make it!


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