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11 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Pet

Two puppies dressed as Santa and Rudolph

There’s Christmas music on the radio, and the holiday lights are going up. It can be a very hectic time. You feel like you’re living in a shaken-up snow globe, yet you can't help but get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is an excellent time to bond with your pets more and share a wonderful holiday. Here are some of our favourite ideas to celebrate Christmas with pets.


shop with dog in super market


Take Your Pet Shopping with You

Shopping with your pet, especially with your dog, can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to lower your stress level at the end of the year. Plus, dogs are great at putting smiles on other peoples’ faces. Don't worry if your furry friend isn’t a  service dog. You'll be surprised how many stores will welcome this member of your family. 


advent calendar for dog

Craft an Advent Calendar for Your Pet

Many parents make Advent calendars for their children. Why not make one for your pet too?

Advent calendars traditionally cover a longer period, and there is no excuse to say that you can't wake up today and start to craft one for just the remaining few weeks leading up to Christmas.


In the month leading up to Christmas, make an advent calendar that includes dog treats or catnip, whatever is suitable for your pet.

This DIY Advent calendar allows you and your pet to countdown to Christmas together.


Christmas Card with family photo

Camera & Cards

Put on your festive clothes and gather the kids, it’s time to take a family picture for your Christmas cards..


Including your pets in your family’s Christmas cards is fun, and they’ll be perfect to post on Instagram this holiday season. However, it can sometimes be challenging to get your revved-up pets to stay still for a family portrait. With a bit of planning, you’ll be able to show your pet off in this year’s Christmas photos.


Pruning Hedges Together with dog

Pruning Hedges Together with Your Pet

Get your pruners from out of the garage, and take your pet along as you trim your hedges.. After the job, you can head out to collect some branches, pinecones, and berries to make a fresh Christmas wreath. Just note that not all wild plants are OK for pets to eat. Be sure to monitor your buddy while outside by keeping them on a leash. If your pet sticks by your side, you may even be able to let them run free. 

What's more, you and your pet can look at the sparkling Christmas decorations in your neighbourhood. You’ll be spending time outside, relaxing and playing with your furry friend. Be mindful of decorations that might frighten your pet, such as life-size reindeer.


Decorate the Christmas Tree with cats Together

Decorate the Christmas Tree Together

It’s important to choose Christmas tree ornaments that are safe for your pet. The best options are ornaments that won’t shatter easily.. Clay ornaments are a safer bet than those made of materials that might be toxic for your pet.


Keeping these safety tips in mind, decorating with your pet by your side is fun and a great bonding experience. Sometimes they’ll even help by fetching you ornaments to put on the tree. Don't forget to give them a treat!


Christmas Gifts for fur-family member

Christmas Gifts

Just like your hair and skin, your pet’s fur and paws dry up in the winter months.That’s why there are many great gifts you could give your pet that will help them feel comfortable, like a nice cozy bed where your pet can relax in comfort and warmth. Consider a sweater or booties for your pet for going out into the cold, which will help protect them from the harsh winter temperatures.


Another great idea is to give your pet a new bowl for Christmas. Ceramics are the safest and most durable material for pet bowls. They will serve your pet this Christmas and for years to come.


Christmas baking with dog

Get Baking

Baking is always worth making time for as a holiday tradition.. You can whip up something yummy for your pets in the kitchen. Doggie doughnuts or peanut butter and glazed bacon treats are great for dogs. Cats may be a little more finicky, but they usually love a grain-free treat.


dogs party

Help your Pet Blend In

For many of us, the Christmas tree is the centrepiece of our holiday decorations.  There are also other things you can do to get your pet into the holiday spirit.


Decorating your pet's special place in the house will make them feel like a part of the family while keeping the Christmas atmosphere. 


We all love dressing up for the holidays, and there’s no reason to leave your pet out of the fun. Adorable costumes and a dazzling array of festive collars are always popular. It can be fun dressing your pet up in cute outfits to bring in some holiday cheer. Just make sure not to force your pet into something uncomfortable.


DIY Holiday Stockings

DIY Holiday Stockings for your Pet

Nothing beats making your own holiday stockings with your pet in mind. Choose a downloadable pattern online, and personalize it with stuff you can find at the craft or fabric store. Your pet will love it.


a volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Support Your Local Animal Shelter

There are millions of pets who have to spend the holidays in shelters. They need Christmas joy more than ever. To help your local shelter, consider putting together a basket of treats, toys, bedding, and other pet staples. The animals at the shelter need love too.


a girl watch movie with her cat

Snuggle Up for a Christmas Eve Movie

One of our treasured Christmas Eve traditions is watching Christmas movies. There's a Christmas movie for everyone! So as the winter weather blows in, grab yourself a hot beverage, put on your favourite PJs,.and snuggle up with your pet on the couch to enjoy the movie.



Your pets are a real part of the family. That’s why we hope you have fun with the above holiday suggestions for you and your pets.


Happy Holidays!

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