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Family members of Teresa

Westie Charlie, the Loving Big Brother in The Family

Dec 28, 2022



Interviewees: Teresa
Text: Perdita Simmons
Photography: Teresa


Humorist Josh Billings once said, "a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself." Never is that sentiment more obvious than during a life or death emergency.

Time after time, dogs display loyalty, bravery, and intelligence in the face of imminent danger to protect their family members. In our day-to-day domestic lives, they are our companions, our guards, our therapists, and our confidants. They don’t judge us if we make mistakes, and they always welcome us with open paws and a wagging tail. 

There are so many incredible stories about dogs and their humans. In our story today, we will introduce you to a cute Westie named Charlie and show you how Charlie plays his role as the big brother of two human babies.


"12 years ago, I saw a posting about westie puppies (two neighbor dogs had them by accident), so I drove from Chicago to Indiana to pick one up. When I got there, there were two puppies left. Charlie was extremely spunky with the cutest little face, jumping all over his brother. I knew he was my dog immediately, although I still think about his brother and wish I would've just brought both home." Teresa told us about how their story began with Charlie.


Teresa drinking with Charlie

SpunkyJunky: What does Charlie means to you and your families?     

Teresa: He's our firstborn and means everything to us! We have two (human) kids now, but he was our baby for 8 years. He moved to New York, San Francisco, LA, various apartments and houses...all over with us. He has such a personality, and we could not imagine life without his constant reminder that he is still the boss around here.


Teresa swings with her dog in her arms

SpunkyJunky: What inspired you to create a IG account? Any hard part/difficulty in content creating?    

 Teresa: I don't quite remember. I just wanted to capture his adventures at the time, I think, and decided to start an IG account for him. I was really excited to find a welcoming, heartwarming community on IG and have made lifelong friends through his account. Content creating was never too hard- Charlie gives me a lot of content lol.


SpunkyJunky: Do you have any tips on eating healthy for a doggy?     

Teresa: Well, Charlie has a very sensitive stomach, so he has no choice but to eat healthy. He eats prescription dog food for digestion, and we occasionally give him apples, chicken (his FAVORITE), and watermelon for treats.


SpunkyJunky: How is Charlie's appetite? Have your ever had his teeth brushed?     

Teresa: His appetite is great, and we brush his teeth every night!


SpunkyJunky: Do you consider a dog bowl part of your house decoration?     

Teresa: Yes, it's definitely nice when the bowl is pleasant to look at.


SpunkyJunky: Could you share your most interesting/funny story with Charlie? Or the thing that impressed you the most?     

Teresa: Charlie is so funny. He makes us laugh daily. I think the funniest story about Charlie is the #starfishsaga (you can find his story through this hashtag). He has this starfish that he adores, and he spends his days hiding it from spot to spot. Recently, he's been too nervous with the kids around, so I put starfish in a safe place for the time being so he doesn't have to constantly worry about it.


Teresa took a photo of her husband and dog Charlie together

SpunkyJunky: What are your favorite pet accessories/treats you can't/don't want to live without? 

Teresa: Ruffwear harness and leash! we also have an airtag on him because he wants to chase after everyone that comes to our door.


SpunkyJunky: Anything else you want to share with readers?     

Teresa: We appreciate it so much, may you have a lovely day!


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