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a cat eats cat food in in one cat bowl and a lot of meat in the other

What Food Should be in Cat Food Bowls?

Jun 07, 2023




Understanding what to feed your cat can be as tricky as figuring out what it thinks when it looks at you. Some cats like trying new foods and eating a lot, but some cats are picky and only like fancy foods. Every kitty has a favorite food, so we gotta figure out what they like to keep them happy and healthy. 


If you're new to having a cat or you really love cats, it's super important to know what they like to eat. This fantastic adventure asks if cats only eat meat or if they can be healthy by eating veggies or vegan food. 


Come with us, and let's find out what makes our kitty friends happy and full! We'll learn what they like to eat and what makes them healthy and strong. Get ready to know what your cat likes to eat so they can stay healthy and happy for a long time!


a cat with its mouth wide open gnawing on raw meat on a sticky board

Are Cats Carnivores or Vegetarians?

Cats are true carnivores, and their evolutionary journey has shaped them into masters of the hunt. With a physiological makeup finely tuned for a meat-based diet, cats have an innate need for animal-derived nourishment. They are the connoisseurs of carnivory, their taste buds and bodies attuned to the delights of protein-packed meals. 


Cats in the wild are really good at hunting because they use animal instincts. Their bodies are super cool and have been improving for a long time. They're good at getting the good stuff out of the animals they eat. Cats need meat to be strong and healthy. It has special things called amino acids that they need. It's like they need a cozy spot in the sun to feel good. 


Taurine and arginine, these sustenance gems reside abundantly within animal proteins, serving as catalysts for a cat's metabolic symphony. They help their bodies work right and are found in meat. If cats don't always get these special amino acids, they can get sick with evil hearts and the inability to see well. 


The kitty's body tells us they like to eat meat a lot. Look at their cool teeth! They're like sharp knives that can easily cut and rip meat. Carnivores have tummies that work super fast to digest meat because they need to eat it to be healthy. The wind told them to eat yummy food.


What Food Should Be in Cat Food Bowls?

Now that you know that cats are carnivores, let's explore which foods should be in the cat's bowl! 

1. Animal protein: Cats are carnivores whose diet should include animal protein sources, including meat, poultry, or fish. Animal protein gives cats the necessary amino acids they need for different body functions. 
2. Essential nutrients: Cats need special stuff like taurine, arachidonic acid, and vitamin A. They get these things mostly from animal parts. These nutrients are vital to their overall health, including proper heart function, vision, and a healthy coat. 
3. Moisture content: Cats have a low thirst level and their bodies are designed to get water from their food. Wet or canned cat food has a higher moisture content to help maintain proper hydration and support urinary tract health. 
4. Balanced diet: One of the points is to provide a balanced diet with proper proportions of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. 
5. Avoid harmful foods: Certain human foods can be toxic to cats and should be avoided, such as chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and alcohol. Additionally, some plants, like lilies, can be poisonous to cats if they ingest them. 

In short, cat owners need to understand the eating habits of cats. After understanding these, you can know which foods should appear in the cat bowl.


What Food Do Cats Like in the Cat Food Bowls?

Now that we know what kind of food is good for cats, let's find out what food cats like!

Kitties, just like us, have their own favorite foods. Cats like different foods, but most of them like some foods more than others. Here are some yummy foods that cats like to eat:

1. Meat: As obligate carnivores, cats naturally gravitate towards meat. Whether it's cooked chicken, turkey, beef, or fish, these protein-rich options can be highly enticing for cats. Some cats may also enjoy organ meats like liver or heart.
2. Wet/Canned Food: Many cats find wet or canned food particularly appealing due to its higher moisture content and stronger aroma. The soft texture and flavorful gravies or sauces can be enticing to cats, making it a popular choice for mealtime.
3. Treats: Cats often have a fondness for treats, which come in various flavors and textures. Treats formulated specifically for cats can be used as rewards during training or simply as a special indulgence.
4. Cat Grass: While not typically a food, many cats enjoy nibbling on cat grass, which is a type of safe and edible grass. It can provide enrichment and help with digestion.

What pet owners should keep in mind is that every cat is unique, and their preferences may vary. Some cats can't eat certain foods or get sick easily, so it's crucial to talk to a vet to find the best food for your cat. Watch your kitty and try different foods to find out what they like to eat. Then you can give them yummy food they'll love!



In a nutshell, cats are carnivores, driven by their instinctive need for a meaty diet. When you give food to your kitty, make sure it has lots of high-quality animal protein sources to keep them healthy. Don't be scared to try different foods for your kitty and see what they like! 


Hey, if you learned cool stuff from this article, you should totally check out our other blogs for even more! 

So relax, relax, and let us be your guides to unravel the wonders of the animal kingdom.


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