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BowlsSpunkyJunky Elevated Dog Bowls: Bring New Joy to Mealtime

SpunkyJunky Elevated Dog Bowls: Bring New Joy to Mealtime

  Hey, welcome to SpunkyJunky! Today, we have big news for you!    After the slow feeder dog bowls we introduced last month, we want to introduce a new star—the Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl—this July!...


Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: Amazing Solution for Gobbling

  If you are worried about your furry friend, who eats their food so fast before you can say "sit" or "stay." We know just what to do about it!  Today, we'll discuss the SpunkyJunky® Ceramic Slow F...

BowlsUpgrade Your Dog's Feeding Experience with new dog bowl set

Upgrade Your Dog's Feeding Experience with New Dog Bowl Set

  Are you tired of traditional dog bowl sets that are bulky and difficult to clean? Do you want to give your pet a more comfortable and hygienic feeding experience? If so, you've come to the right ...

Bowlsget spunkyjunky's high quality tilted dog bowl today

Get High-Quality Tilted Bowls Today!

Feeding your furry best friend should be a happy and stress-free time, but for owners of flat-faced dogs, it can be a frustrating task.   These breeds, like bulldogs, pugs, and boxers, are known fo...