SpunkyJunky Elevated Dog Bowls: Bring New Joy to Mealtime

SpunkyJunky Elevated Dog Bowls: Bring New Joy to Mealtime


Hey, welcome to SpunkyJunky! Today, we have big news for you! 


After the slow feeder dog bowls we introduced last month, we want to introduce a new star—the Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl—this July!


You might wonder, "What's so special about this bowl?" Well, just be patient. We will tell you why this specially designed raised dog bowl deserves our highest recommendation!


So, come along with us as we explore this fantastic bowl. Get ready to see your furry buddy's eyes light up with happiness while they enjoy their delicious meals! Woof-tastic adventures await! 


The Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl: A Revolution in Pet Dining

Yep, you see the subtitle. That's all we wanted to say. You probably have question marks entirely in your head, but when you finish reading, all your questions can be answered.


Should dog bowls be elevated?

As their name shows, these bowls are raised off the ground, usually placed on a stand or platform, to bring the food and water to a higher level for the dog to eat comfortably. These bowls are designed to improve the dog's eating posture and reduce strain on their neck and back during mealtime.


Whether dog feeders should be elevated depends on various factors, including the individual dog's size, breed, health conditions, and preferences. We can't simply judge a dog's suitability for a raised dog bowl. But if your dog meets the following conditions, we'd like to recommend one:

● Huge with a tall shoulder height, which means the dog itself is very far from the ground;
 Too lazy and will even lie down on the floor to eat;
Dogs that suffer from joint problems or even immobility;
 Cleanliness. Don't doubt that some dogs will exhibit cleanliness traits with food near the ground;
 You, who don't like to bend over? When your dog meets some of the above conditions, and also you don't have a very good back, why not choose an elevated dog bowl?


    Look, "should dog bowls be elevated" is a rather complex question, and many reasons will prompt you to make a choice; besides the condition of the dog itself, you should also consider the habits of the dog and even your situation.


    Are elevated dog bowls good?

    So, with all that we've discussed, you may have the question, "Are elevated dog bowls good?". Don't worry, and I'll list some of the known benefits here:

    1. Improved eating posture: Moderate elevation allows the dog to maintain a relatively good eating posture. It is especially beneficial for taller breeds so they don't have to overstretch their backs and necks.
    2. Friendly to dogs with certain medical conditions: For dogs with arthritis or even specific disabilities requiring standing equipment, a raised bowl can provide great relief for their bones.
    3. Reduces dog aggression due to food guarding. Dogs are very possessive of their food and may get angry or defend themselves if someone comes near their bowl. Elevating the bowl off the ground may reduce the dog's protective mentality and make them feel more at ease.
    4. Keep food away from dust and insects on the floor. If you've had the experience of salvaging insects floating around in the dog bowl when you change the water, you will know why I'm putting it here as a benefit.


    What Makes SpunkyJunky's Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl Special?

    Why should you choose SpunkyJunky's Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowls? All the above-mentioned are obviously common features of tall dog bowls. Read on, and we'll tell you the reason.


    Aside from the common benefits of elevated dog bowls, SpunkyJunky's Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl offers some unique features that make it truly special:

    1. Variety of Stand Heights and Bowl Sizes: We understand that every dog is different, so we offer two different stand heights and bowl sizes to cater to various breeds and sizes. Whether you have a medium-sized pup or a large breed, you can choose the perfect fit for your canine companion.
    2. Thoughtful Half-Open Design: Our half-open design combines stability with convenience. Cleaning the bowl becomes a breeze as you can easily remove it from the stand when needed. No more struggling with hard-to-reach corners!
    3. Harmonious Blend of Form and Function: SpunkyJunky's Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl is a functional and stylish addition to your home. The sleek and modern design seamlessly blends in with your decor, elevating your pup's dining area in more ways than one.
    4. SpunkyJunky Community: When you choose our Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl, you become a part of the SpunkyJunky community - a loving and supportive network of pet lovers who share the same passion for their furry companions. We value our customers and prioritize their satisfaction and happiness.
    5. Commitment to Quality: At SpunkyJunky, we care most about quality. To ensure that our dog bowls meet the greatest standards, we use safe materials that last a long time. 
    6. Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers: If you want to give a thoughtful gift to someone who also likes dogs, our ceramic elevated dog bowl is the perfect pick. With this beautiful and useful gift, you can show them how much you care about their pet's health and happiness.


    In summary, SpunkyJunky's Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl goes beyond the common benefits of elevated dog bowls by offering a blend of artistry, customization, convenience, and quality. Your furry friend deserves the best, and with our dog bowl, you can elevate their mealtime experience to a whole new level of happiness and delight!


    Questions You May Have about Elevated Dog Bowls

    Are elevated dog bowls better for older dogs? 

    Elevated dog bowls can be helpful for some older dogs. Most older dogs have the same trouble with their joints. Dogs with arthritis or other illnesses find it hard to bend down to eat. Raised dog bowls can help take pressure off their neck and back, making mealtimes more comfortable and fun. 


    Can elevated dog bowls help with digestion? 

    Yes, raised dog bowls can help dogs digest their food, especially if they have a megaesophagus condition. When the bowl is raised, it helps processing and absorption by getting food to the stomach faster and keeping it from building up in the esophagus. 


    How elevated should dog bowls be off the ground? 

    The ideal height for raised dog bowls depends on the dog's size and breed. As a rule of thumb, the top of the bowl should be below the dog's lower chest. This piece will tell you the right height for the bowl and how to measure a dog's height.



    And there you have it, folks! The Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl from SpunkyJunky is truly a game-changer in the world of pet dining. With its unique features and thoughtful design, this elevated dog bowl takes mealtime to a whole new level of comfort and style.


    Why wait any longer? Treat your beloved companion to the best mealtime experience they deserve. Woof-tastic adventures await with SpunkyJunky's Ceramic Elevated Dog Bowl! 


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